• Overview
  • Agenda
  • This September Garage48 in collaboration with US Embassy will organise a first of its kind regional hackathon focused on matching NGOs and government official with Estonian technologists to develop innovative solutions to tackle the challenge of Trafficking in Persons. 
    The problem of trafficking in persons (TIP), the trade or forced movement of humans, most commonly fot the purpose of sexual slavery, forced labor or commercial sexual exploitation, continues to be a vexing problem in Europe. Our concept is to “hack” the challenge of TIP by looking at whether more advanced technological solutions could be brought to bear to advance the fight against TIP. 
    You are welcome if you have world changing idea or you are interested in this topic and want to solve problems with IT applications. 
    Theme: All ideas connected to human trafficking (web and mobile projects).
    Who: IT developers, marketeers, project managers, designers, visionary entrepreneurs, NGOs and government officials. 

    Why to participate? 

    1. Meet new people from other industries, roles and countries; 
    2. Learn more about the topic and contribute to society; 
    3. Less talk, more action and fun 

    Friday, 18 September

    16:00    Registration and networking

    16:45    Introduction and Opening Remarks

    ·             U.S. Ambassador Jeffrey Levine

    ·             Instructions for the weekend

    17:15    Framing the Challenge (TIP Panel):

    ·             U.S. State Department J/TIP Office, Renee Huffman

    ·             Panel Discussion: Estonian NGOs and Regional Participants

    18:15    Coffee break

    18:30    Presentation of Ideas (90 sec)

    20:00    Team Formation

    21:00    Team Work     


    Saturday, 19 September

    09:00   Coffee and light breakfast.  Team work and development continues

    10:00   Checkpoint #1

    11:00   Mentors go around                  

    13:00   Lunch

    13:45   Product development

    16:00   Inspirational Start-Up Story: TIP Hero from Latvia

    19:00   Dinner and networking

    20:00   Checkpoint #2.   Development continues.


    Sunday, 20 September

    09:00   Coffee and light breakfast.  Team work and development continues

    10:00   Checkpoint #3

    11:00   Pitch drill session #1

    13:00   Lunch

    14:00   Pitch drill session #2

    17:00   Coffee break with light meal

    17:30   Final Presentations (Live streaming)

    20:00   Announcement of Winners, wrap-up & bye-bye

    NB! Schedule is tentative, changes are possible and likely to happen.



    Jaanus Sakkis

    Creative Director & Founder at Feks Design

    Linkedin Facebook

    Mihkel Ronk

    Designer at SignWise, Co-Author at tekstiloom.ee

    Linkedin Facebook

    Krists Avots

    Director of Business Development @ Lattelecom


    Jaan Kruusma

    Chief, Social Media Marketing @7Blaze

    Linkedin Facebook

    Rene Rumberg

    Founder and Consultant at ConsultLab

    Linkedin Facebook

    Villem Alango

    Senior Expert at E-Governance Academy


    Ranno Päi

    Lecturer of Graphic Design at Estonian Entrepreneurship University of Applied Sciences


    Kaspar Kelder

    Director of Development and Partner Relations at Good Deed Foundation

    Linkedin Facebook

    Calum Cameron

    Startup Developer at Proud Engineers

    Linkedin Facebook

    Martin Verrev

    Creative Engineer at Littlebit & TTÜ


    Nora Dempsey

    Trafficking in Persons Specialist

    Hendrik Heinsoo

    NodeJS Developer, ‎Senior Software Developer at Signwise



    Jane Muts

    Linkedin Facebook

    Triin Liiv

    Social Media Marketing @ Garage48, Marketing Manager @ Lava Media

    Linkedin Facebook