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  • The Student Startup Camp (SSC) is happening in Tartu! Together with the University of Tartu IdeaLab and Institute of Computer Science, we are bringing you the annual entrepreneurship boot camp designed to build your idea into a working prototype and to learn the basics of launching a tech startup. You will be guided through the most important steps by active startup entrepreneurs and trainers who collaborate to create a hands-on learning experience.

    The 5-day course consists of teamwork, intensive mentoring, hands-on talks on specific topics around launching a tech startup, visits to the startup and tech centres in Tartu and inspirational talks by the #EstonianMafia founders, including people behind Garage48, Fortumo and many more.

    For whom?

    The boot camp is aimed at students from Estonia and elsewhere with a background in IT, engineering, design, marketing, and business. The camp also welcomes participants from other disciplines, especially those who bring along with them novel ideas and an entrepreneurial can-do attitude. Every participant will be able to pitch an idea for the camp and/or join an idea one likes the most.

    Credit points

    Students enrolled in Estonian higher-education institutions may obtain 3 ECTS for successful participation in the camp. Please tick the "3 ECTS" box in the registration form if you wish to obtain credit points.


    IT Academy Travel Grants

    IT Academy (http://studyitin.ee/en) is offering up to 10 travel grants for students from Estonian higher education institutions who are not studying in Tartu. The travel grant covers only hostel accommodation in Tartu. Students enrolled in full-time studies in the following institutions are eligible: Tallinn University of Technology, IT College, Tallinn University, Tallinn Polytechnic School and Estonian Academy of Arts as well as students from University of Tartu's Narva and Pärnu colleges.

    There is no separate procedure to apply for the IT Academy travel grant. All students who indicate on the travel form that they come from one of the above institutions will be considered for the travel grant. Travel grants will be assigned on a first-come, first-serve basis, so hurry up!


    Paabel building (Ülikooli 17) 

    SPARK HUB (Narva mnt 3)
    Naiiv bar 

    Any questions?

    Please contact us: ssc@garage48.org

    Monday, 5 Feb 
    Where: SPARK HUB  
    Theme: Setting up the team & goals 

    15:30 Registration 
    16:00 Intro, How things will work;
    Startup Mindset by Vahur Singa (Redis design)
    Pitching ideas in 90";
    18:00 Business idea on a beer coaster @ Naiiv bar 
    Fractory story by Martin Vares 

    Tuesday, 6 Feb 
    Where:  Paabel building (Ülikooli 17) 
    Theme: Customer validation 

    10:00 Morning checkpoint for all teams
    Talk: Teamwork @ startup by Kai Isand (Garage48) 
    Talk: Finding your MVP by Maret Kruve (Testlio)
    12:30 1 hour for lunch 
    13:30 Mentoring round / Team work
    15:00 Talk: Customer discovery by Yuxuan Chen (QMinder)
    17:30 Evening checkpoint
    18:00 Founder talk by Triin Kask (Nevercode)
    19:00 Finish the day (teams are welcomed to continue work) 

    Wednesday, 7 Feb 
    Where: Paabel building (Ülikooli 17)
    Theme: Code like a hell/ Business modelling

    10:00 Morning checkpoint for all teams
    Talk: Business models by Liis Narusk (Elevate) 
    Talk: Hacking development: dirty tricks by Gleb Stesnov (Fortumo)
    12:30 1 hour for lunch
    13:30 Mentoring round / Team work
    15:30 Evening checkpoint
    16:00 Company visits to local startup offices (Fortumo, Mooncascade)
    18:00 Finish the day (teams are welcomed to continue work)

    Thursday, 8 Feb 
    Where: Paabel building (Ülikooli 17)
    Theme: Code like a hell/ Getting the word out 

    10:00 Morning checkpoint for all teams
    Talk: Startup marketing 101
    Talk: Tools for creating a landing page by Maret Kruve (Testlio)
    12:30 1 hour for lunch
    13:30  Mentoring round / Team work
    15:00 Talk: Preparing a great pitch
    17:30 Evening checkpoint
    18:00 Founder Talk by Richard Murutar (Sprayprinter) 
    19:00 Finish the day (teams are welcomed to continue work)

    Friday, 9 Feb 
    Where: SPARK HUB 
    Theme: Grande Finale 

    10:00 Morning checkpoint for all teams
    Talk: What happens after hackathons? How to sell your idea at startup events?  by Andrea Boetti (Fortumo)
    11:30 Pitch drill nr 1, each team for 10 min / Development

    14:00 Final pitches, each team will do a 3 min presentation + demo 



    Maret Kruve

    Product Manager at Pipedrive, Co-founder @ Student Startup Camp 

    Linkedin Facebook

    Kai Isand

    Pitch Coach and Host at Garage48; Startup-investor relations @ Latitude59

    Linkedin Facebook

    Vahur Singa

    Founder & CEO @ Redis Digital


    Martin Vares

    CEO & co-founder @ Fractory.co

    Yuxuan Chen

    Customer Success Manager @ Qminder


    Gleb Štšenov

    Software Engineer @ Fortumo 



    CEO @ELEVATE by Garage48

    Linkedin Facebook

    Dmytro Fishman

    Junior Researcher at the University of Tartu & Researcher @ Quretec OÜ


    Andrea Boetti

    VP of Global Business Development & Sales @ Fortumo


    Triin Kask

    CEO & co-founder @ Nevercode


    Richard Murutar

    CEO @ Sprayprinter


    Artem Zaitsev

    Junior Backend Developer @ Pipedrive 


    Roland Kriibi

    Backend Developer @ Pipedrive



    Maret Ahonen

    Head @ UT Idea Lab


    Riin Lisett Rei

    Marketing Manager @ UT IdeaLab