New innovative ideas were born at Student Startup Camp 2022

Student Startup Camp was held for the 9th year in a row! The event was organised by the Institute of Computer Science, Garage48, and Startup Lab. Students could express their ideas and turn them into reality. This year we had 6 teams who all did a great job during the camp.

Meet the teams: 

ALTHO is a platform for workplaces to quickly manage the working schedule of the employees. ALTHO allows companies to create a working schedule in just one click and easily change shifts.

ALTHO prototype

RePaid is a really interesting idea that tries to make loaning more stress-free and approachable for students interesting in crypto. RePaid is a platform for self-repaying crypto loans where part of the loan is reinvested to pay back.

RePaid prototype

WorkFriend is an application for coworkers to connect outside of work. The app enables them to spend their free time together and meaningfully. They can play tennis, cycle, play golf, etc.

WorkFriend prototype

Blabby is a social platform for people who prefer voice messages over regular text. People can share their experiences, gossip, have a giggle, or just have fun. Once you listen to the voice message once it is gone, so make sure you pay attention!

Blabby prototype

HowIStudiedThis is a platform by students for students who need help studying a specific course. The platform provides validated and unvalidated study materials that other students have previously used.

HowIStudiedThis prototype

Interse is a website that connects internship seekers and providers. The platform tries to unify all Estonian internship sites to bring them all together and make life easier for both students and companies.

Interse prototype

The event was held online for the second year in a row but despite that, the students showed their enthusiasm and innovation. All teams managed to create working prototypes in just four days! A big thank you for the Garage48 mentors - Maret Kruve, Jaana Metsamaa, Andreas Roosson, Krists Avots, Tim Vaino and Kai Isand. The next Student Startup Camp takes place in spring 2023.

The overview was written by Kristian Kutsar, Startup Lab Communications and Marketing Specialist and originally was published on Startup Labs site. 

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