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  • Garage48 is teaming up again with Tech Sisters, Pärnu City Council and Pärnu Entrepreneurship & Development Center and our local partners to bring a hackathon to Pärnu for the 4th year. This time you can join with whatever cool and innovative idea you have. Prepare yourself for 48 hours full of fun, coding, building, designing, selling and thinking BIG! So if you’re ready to think outside of the box, meet like-minded people and build something crazy and innovative, this event is for you!

    Why Women in Tech?

    Technology can be the great equalizer. Start-ups are not constrained by nationality, language, or borders. Instead, ideas and teams are the driving force behind their innovative and disruptive concepts. However, despite their egalitarian nature, women are often excluded from start-up teams whether they are located in Europe or elsewhere in the world and we are setting out to change this fact. We’re proposing a gender-equal hackathon to encourage more women to participate in Estonia's tech sector. 

    The hackathon aims to motivate and invite around 50% of the participants to be women.

    We expect people of all skill sets - engineers, developers, designers, marketers, visionaries - to come together and work on their ideas with a target to have fun while doing it. Everybody will get a chance to present their idea on Friday and teams are formed on the spot around the best ones. The 48 hours that follow are full of vibrant community energy, top-notch local and international mentors and team effort to present a working prototype at the Sunday final.

    Join our pre-events to hear more & prepare yourself for the hackathon event:

    * 16th Nov 18:00-20:00 "Garage48 & Tech Sisters present: Why Women in Tech?" hosted by Jobbatical
    Location: Niine 11, Tallinn
     Jobbatical with its inspiring power woman founder Karoli, international vibrant team & cozy office in Kalamaja is welcoming us for an evening meetup.
    We are really happy to see these women rocking the stage and hopefully inspiring you:
    - Karoli Hindriks (Co-founder Jobbatical) welcoming us and telling the inspiring story of Jobbatical

    Lauren Proctor (Head of Marketing @ Jobbatical, Digital Marketing & Web Development Strategy Consultant)
    - Maarika Truu (Garage48 Pärnu 2016 Women in Tech main organizer)

    Register for the event on Facebook

    * 30th Nov 18:00-20:00 "Tips&tricks to succeed in Garage48 Pärnu 2016 Women in Tech" hosted by ShipitWise

    Location: Rotermanni tn 2-B2, Tallinn

    The second pre-event for the Garage48 Pärnu 2016 Women in Tech on 30th November is focusing on giving specific tips on how to get the most out of the hackathon. 5 lucky idea owners will be given the opportunity to participate in the pitch training session. To undergo the pitch training, please write to maarika@garage48.org
    Wonderful speakers at the event:
    - Anna Medjanskaja (Chief Logistics Officer @ Shipitwise)
    - Maarika Truu (Garage48 Pärnu 2016 Women in Tech main organizer)
    More Speakers TBA
    Register for the event on Facebook

    Join our official  Garage48 Pärnu 2016 Women in Tech hackathon's event page on Facebook to get updates and information: goo.gl/H2SF4P

    Take advantage of this unique opportunity and be part of the disruption!

    Friday, 2nd December
    Saturday, 3rd December
    Sunday, 4th December

    NB! Schedule is tentative, changes are possible and likely to happen.

    GET READY section for participants

    We'll start on Friday (2nd December)  at 17:30 with opening doors. Please come on time, as the registration process might take some time. This time before the official opening is a great opportunity for getting to know the crowd and to network. See the agenda for further information.


    Positive attitude, open mind and lots of energy! Everything you need for a rapid product development.

    Please take your:


    3-5m power extension cord (as power might be on distance)

    mobile phone

    all chargers


    photo camera to take and share photos


    sleeping bag and towel (in case you would like to stay overnight)

    credit cards for domain registration

    business cards (if you have any)


    Ideas are presented based on "elevator-pitch" method within 90 seconds. Event host and audience can ask 1 to 3 short questions.

    You can prepare 1 (one) PDF slide to support your pitch. You should send the slide by Friday noon latest (2nd December), at the e-mail maarika@garage48.org (Subject: name of your project).

    Consider following key points:

    NB! Practice your pitch to your friends or family before you present! 90 seconds goes really fast!


    After pitching is over, we will put all the ideas on the wall. Every participant will choose their favourite idea and this is how teams will be formed. Usually 14 to 20 best ideas will get enough interested people to get the "green light" for the implementation.

    Average team has about 5 to 7 people and the team should be "balanced" - covering all required roles like necessary engineers, designer, a project manager (team lead/visionary) and marketer in order to get the product/service ready in 48 hours! Minimum size for a team is 4 people and max is 8 people.

    If some ideas get too few people or not balanced teams (probably unable to build the service), the idea will be dumped. Those people should choose another idea/team.


    After forming the teams, organizers will give a room/space for every team for the weekend. You should start by dividing roles, setting the product vision, customer journey and start working right away.

    It is very important that you have a project manager (team lead) in the team - one of his tasks is to keep the focus of the team, one eye on the clock and the other on the team progress. 48 hours is really a short time.


    We provide breakfast, lunch and dinner on Saturday and Sunday. So, you could focus on work and building your product.


    We have arranged great mentors to work with the teams throughout the weekend. Some of them are more technical, some more business savvy. Be open and ask for their advice and contacts. They are there to help you!

    Please wear your name badge during the whole event, this will help to encourage networking and gets you inside through security guards. Otherwise be open, get to know new people, share your ideas and give ideas/feedback to other teams.

    MOST IMPORTANT - have fun!



    take your sleeping bag & mattress and you'll have a possibility to stay overnight in the venue. We have prepared a separate room for all the dreamers:)    

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