Who is the most Ettevõtlik Pärnakas 2021? Garage48 hackathon found out!

Garage48 went to Pärnu to empower local entrepreneurs to start and develop their businesses with an Ettevõtlik Pärnakas Häkaton. Ten ideas were pitched and five enthusiastic teams gathered together from 8-10 October with ideas to innovate and solve local and global challenges of Pärnu County.

Pärnu is the summer capital of Estonia, but it has the potential to put itself on a map as the most entrepreneurial town, with a very engaged tech community-building potential unicorns, out-of-the-box art community, and a strong work ethic.

At Ettevõtlik Pärnakas Häkaton participants had a chance to work with amazing mentors from the public and private sector across many industries as well as win prizes that help further develop their ideas.

Can you do something world-changing from Pärnu?

The Head of the Pärnu Business incubator, Kaydi Tomson has a perfect answer for you:

“Yes, you can, because here we have the Pärnu County Business Incubator. In the same building is the Pärnu College of the University of Tartu and on the same corridor is the Pärnu County Development Center. Sounds like a paradise of opportunities for great business ideas and start-ups.”

Ettevõtlik Pärnakas started with an opening ceremony hosted by Kai Isand at Pärnu College of the University of Tartu. During the pitching session, ten bright ideas got to be presented from which five got an impressive team around them. Now it was time to hack. For three days with the help of amazing mentors in the well-equipped and cozy rooms of Pärnu County Business Incubator, five teams were trying to scale their idea in 48 hours.

“You need an environment and a supportive community to test yourself, realize and express your potential, for you to really understand what you’re really capable of. Ettevõtlik Pärnakas Häkaton was a perfect example of such an environment. The reality is that you find out that you are capable of so much more than you think!”

Kristina Põldots


Winners of Ettevõtlik Pärnakas 2021

First place and 1000€ from Swedbank to further develop the idea - TeadMIK Games

Creating and developing educational games to make learning for kids more fun and effective that could be used at home, school and kindergarten.

Team: Gerlika Ree, Aarne Toomsalu, Aivo Arm, Grettel Lõo, Ramil Lõo.

“Many different people that haven’t met each other before got united by the idea to get together and develop something. For me I got new energy to continue, motivation to move forward and learned how to discipline the team. Getting new contacts and the fact that you can always ask for help is extremely helpful. People here are amazing and professional and just the concept that you can become a team and unite people around your idea is mind-blowing and so valuable to me.”

Gerlika Ree

TeadMIK Games Team Lead

Runner up and admission to Pärnu County Business Incubator - OutForFit

Our plan is to equip every Pärnu outdoor gym with an easily accessible educational video collection so that anyone who is interested in a healthy lifestyle can use the gym more efficiently and boldly.

Team: Olav Karulin, Kaari Uus, Ramil Lipp.

“I thought that I can't come here, because I do not have enough skills, but I was so wrong because I actually got so much to offer. It was so cool when many people came together, got to think together, contribute and something big can really come out of it. Now I want to participate in every hackathon that happens.“

Kaari Uus

OutForFit team member

The Best Pitch and opportunity to further develop their idea in the STARTER Pärnu program and tickets to Villa Ammende - Urumarja Saunalaager

We bring the correct Estonian sauna culture back to the lives of all Estonians - especially young people, to a central place where it is supposed to be. We make Estonian sauna culture known and recognized around the world as a strong brand.

Team: Andres Andrekson, Danel Drobet, Galina Kuusik, Triinu Jõesoo.

“It is so cool that a unifying feeling is created and when you get stuck and do not know what to do next, a mentor comes and gives you a hug and pushes you. You don’t even want to take a break and work very hard to get something done in the next 48 hours and you are so driven to do it because you get so much support and positive vibes.”

Andres Andrekson

Urumarja Saunalaager Team Lead

The promoter of urban space and tickets to PlayDay 2021 - RAAMID 3

Creating a series of events that provide a space and an outlet for creative people in Pärnu to apply and showcase their creativity.

Team: Andrus Kallastu, Maria Kivistik, Liisa Alekask, Merle Nisuma.

Ettevõtlik Pärnakas favorite of the audience and tickets to sTARTUp Day 2022 - SunCity by ALOHA

ALOHA team is creating and developing a new entertainment center on the riverbank in Pärnu.

Team: Aloha Tom, Riina Tomast, Eleri Birk, Jane Saareli, Külli Neemrand.

Who made it all possible?

The event would not have been possible without the hard-working team of Garage48 visionaries and mentors, organizers, and supportive partners.

Organizers: Triin Preem, Toomas Toodu, Tamara Bezljudova, Marie Rosalie Hanni

Host: Kai Isand


Katharina Skolimowski - Junior Product Designer at Pipedrive

Jaan Kruusma - Social Media Marketing Consultant at 7Blaze Social

Helery Pops - Honey Pot Guardian at Honey Badger Capital

Kaari Sibrits - Product Designer at INZMO

Kristina Põldots - Visual and Graphic Designer at Krispvisual

Tamara Bezljudova - CMO at Garage48

Kai Isand - CEO at Eventornado

Oliver Sild - Founder and CEO at Patchstack

Kaydi Tomson - Head of Pärnumaa Business Incubator

Aare Raev - Co-Founder and CEO at Tamiatics

Jury members:

Silver Smeljanski - Member of the Pärnu City Council  

Gerli Puusil - Head of Forestry & Woodworking sector at Swedbank Estonia

Inna Anson - HR Manager Baltic Ruukki

Kaydi Tomson - Head of Pärnumaa Business Incubator

Taavi Tamm - Program Manager at STARTER Pärnu

Thank you once again to our brilliant sponsors and partners!

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