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    Welcome to the new chapter of Garage48 SpaceTech hackathon - join us as we enter the orbit of Riga!

    Garage48 SpaceTech Riga Challenge invites engineers, web developers, marketeers, designers, data scientists and field experts to explore the possibilities of space technology for creating working solutions in pre-defined challenge categories.

    Your challenge for the hackathon is to form a team with new people you meet at the hackathon and create a software or physical prototype in just 48 hours in one of the following categories:

    1. PITCH YOUR IDEA in Space education and promotion challenge category  and build a working software or hardware prototype of a product/service that would inspire young people about science, technology and space.

    2. PITCH YOUR IDEA in Integrated applications challenge category and build a working software or hardware prototype of a product/service that utilizes space technology, satellite navigation, communication or earth observation with terrestrial systems.

    3. Specific challenges from space industry companies

    *Institute for Environmental Solutions (in Latvia) challenge: Navigation in a dense forest

    *Spaceit challenge: 3D orbit visualisation in Javascript

    *VitaCon challenge: VTOL fixed wing

    *RD Alfa Microelectronics: use of a spectrometer in a space tech application

    To make your ideas into reality, you will be provided tools, equipment, materials and mentoring during the event in the rooms of the Riga Technical University Design Factory. See the TOOLS & EQUIPMENT LIST HERE.

    Technical and business development mentors from the space industry will help you in developing your idea and prototype.


    To make the prototyping hackathon a success for you, we’re also going to organise the pre-events of the hackathon that will help you to prepare for the prototyping hackathon with a workshop and keynote on our open challenge categories, integrated applications and space education promotion.

    You will be able to test your idea for the hackathon and ask questions regarding the event.

    The pre-events will take place on

    April 23rd in RIGA @ Riga Technical University building, Azenes 12. More info and register HERE.

    April 24th in TARTU together with ActInSpace 2018 Tartu pre-event @ SPARK Demo. More info and register HERE.
    April 25th in VENTSPILS @ Ventspils University College. More info and register HERE.


    Participants can accommodate on the floor space of the event venue - take your mattress, sleeping bag and towel with you.


    Hackathon ticket also includes transportation to the event from Tallinn, Tartu and Ventspils.

    Register for the free participant bus from:

    * Tallinn HERE

    * Tartu HERE

    * Ventspils HERE

    Join the Facebook event for updates about the hackathon, challenges, mentors and prizes HERE.

    Registered participants will have a closed Facebook group for sharing info during the event, do join this group HERE.

    In case you have any questions, write us at kadri@garage48.org.

    Garage48 SpaceTech Riga Challenge is organized by Garage48, sTARTUp HUB, Heliocentric Technologies Latvia and Green and Smart Technology Cluster as a part of the European Regional Development Fund Interreg Estonia-Latvia SpaceTEM project.

    Hackathon official media partner is ArcticStartup.

    The event is financed by European Regional Development Fund, sTARTUp HUB, Heliocentric Technologies Latvia and Green and Smart Technology Cluster. Event sponsors are Riga Technical University Design Factory and ESA BIC Estonia. Our supporters are ArcticStartup, sTARTUp Day, ESTCube, Latitude59 and TechChill.


    *To buy a ticket from Latvia, please choose “Latvian bank links” section from the payment page. As the system does not support payments via Swedbank, clients of Swedbank can use credit card payment or select invoice option.

    *To buy a ticket from Lithuania, please choose "Lithuanian bank links" section from the payment page.


    This website reflects the views of the author. The managing authority of the programme is not liable for how this information may be used.

    Friday, May 11th

    17:30 - Check-in, networking, coffee, snacks

    18:00 - Opening remarks

    18:30 - Presentation of ideas (90 seconds)

    19:30 - Coffee break

    19:50 - Presentation of ideas continues

    20:45 - Team formation

    22:00 - Team work begins!

    Saturday, May 12th

    09:00 - Breakfast. Development continues

    10:00 - Checkpoint #1

    11:00 - Mentors go around

    13:00 - Lunch. Development continues

    16:30 - Keynote by Krzysztof Kanawka: The Future of Space Commercialization Opportunities

    17:30 - Pitch drill introduction

    18:00 - Checkpoint #2.

    19:00 - Dinner

    20:00 - Development continues

    Sunday, May 13th

    09:00 - Breakfast. Development continues

    10:00 - Checkpoint #3

    11:00 - Pitch drill session #1

    13:00 - Lunch

    14:00 - Pitch drill session #2

    15:30 - CLEANING

    16:30 - Coffee break with light meal/snacks

    17:00 - Final event & LIVE stream

    20:00 - Award ceremony & networking

    21:00 - Buses leave for Tartu, Tallinn and Ventspils

    This website reflects the views of the author. The managing authority of the programme is not liable for how this information may be used.

    We'll start on Friday at 17:30 with opening doors. Please come on time, as the registration process might take some time. This time before the official opening is a great opportunity for getting to know the crowd and to network. See the agenda for further information.


    Please register choosing the one role you feel most comfortable with. If you register with an idea you will gather a team on the spot or if you register without one, it is okay too, you will just join someone else’s team after pitching.


    Positive attitude, open mind and lots of energy! Everything you need for a rapid product development. We will have equipment and materials on site, let us know in the registration form what you need.

    Please take your:


    3-5m power extension cord (as power might be on distance)

    mobile phone

    all chargers


    photo camera to take and share photos

    mattress, pillow, sleeping bag and towel (in case you want to sleep over at the venue)

    credit cards for domain registration


    Ideas are presented based on "elevator-pitch" method within 90 seconds on Friday night. Event host and audience can ask 1 to 3 short questions.

    You can prepare 1 (one) PDF slide to support your pitch. You should send the slide by Friday noon, May 11th, at the e-mail spacetechriga@garage48.org (Subject: name of your project).

    Consider following key points:

    NB! Practice your pitch to your friends or family before you present! 90 seconds goes really fast!


    After pitching is over, we will put all the ideas on the wall. Every participant will choose their favourite idea and this is how teams will be formed. Usually ca 15 ideas will get enough interested people to get the "green light" for the implementation.

    Average team has about 5 to 7 people and the team should be "balanced" - covering all required roles necessary like engineers, developers, designer, a project manager (team lead/visionary) and marketer in order to get the product/service ready in 48 hours!

    If some ideas get too few people or not balanced teams (probably unable to build the service), the idea will be dumped. Those people should choose another idea/team.


    After forming the teams, organizers will give a room/space for every team for the weekend. You should start by dividing roles, setting the product vision, customer journey and start working right away.

    It is very important that you have a project manager (team lead) in the team - one of his/her tasks is to keep the focus of the team, one eye on the clock and the other on the team progress. 48 hours is really a short time.


    We provide breakfast, lunch and dinner on Saturday and Sunday. Refreshments, coffee and snacks are provided throughout the event. So that you could focus on work and building your product.


    We have arranged mentors to work with the teams throughout the weekend. Some of them are more technical, some more business savvy. Be open and ask for their advice and contacts.

    Please wear your name badge during the whole event, but except when working with power tools. This will help to encourage networking and gets you inside through security guards.

    MOST IMPORTANT - be open, get to know new people, share your ideas & HAVE FUN!

    This website reflects the views of the author. The managing authority of the programme is not liable for how this information may be used.



    Krists Avots

    Director of Business Development @ Lattelecom


    Andrus Kurvits

    ESA BIC Estonia Manager, Member of the Business Managament Board @ Tartu Science Park 


    Pauls Irbins

    Board Member @ Heliocentric Technologies Latvia


    Krzysztof Kanawka

    Technical Manager @ Space3ac, CEO @ Blue Dot Solutions


    Nauris Dorbe

    Data Scientist @ Lattelecom, Researcher @ Accenture, Researcher Assistant @ University of Latvia Institute of Electronics and Computer Science 


    Kārlis Goba

    R&D engineer @ Giraffe360

    Andrejs Pukitis

    Founder @ Baltic Lasers SIA


    Joonatan Samuel

    Co-founder & Partner @ Datamob; Computer Vision & Perception Engineer @ Starship Technologies


    Taivo Pungas

    Software engineer at Starship Technologies, Partner @ DataMob


    Hendrik Ehrpais

    CTO @ Estonian student satellite foundation (ESTCube)


    Davids Egle

    Project manager @ Ventspils International Radio Astronomy Centre (VSRC),  Founder @ MicroPepper


    Kadri Bussov

    CEO and Project Manager @ ESTCube

    Valerie Vlasenko

    Space industry connector, Founder @ VSpace, journalist & editor @ ArcticStartup


    Guntis Kulikovskis

    King of the jungle / Director @RTU Design Factory; Engineer and rocket science mastermind


    Gundars Miezītis

    3D scanning, CNC Milling, Robotics @ RTU

    Mindaugas Valkavičius

    3D printing, stockmaster, materials & moduling @ RTU Design Factory


    Pēteris Sala

    Design Unicorn, Modelling, 3D Printing @ RTU Design Factory

    Fricis Kalvelis

    Product design guru, 3D Modelling, 3D Printing @ RTU Design Factory

    Janis Lapsa

    Technical design, modelling & product design @RTU Design Factory

    Toms Mūrnieks

    Product Design, 3D Modelling & 3D Printing @RTU Design Factory

    Janis Dimpers

    Audio/video/SNG engineer @ Latvian Independent Television (AM Baltics)

    Lauri Kimmel

    CTO @ Spaceit


    Aleksandra Varnaeva

    UI/UX Designer @ Helpific



    Kadri Kõivik

    SPARK HUB & sTARTUp HUB Manager @Contriber, sTARTUp Day


    Marili Vihmann

    sTARTUp HUB Manager, sTARTUp Day


    Kai Isand

    Pitch coach & host @ Garage48 

    Linkedin Facebook

    Pauls Irbins

    Board Member @ Heliocentric Technologies Latvia


    Anete Zveja

    Project Coordinator @ Green and Smart Technology Cluster


    Salvis Roga

    Board Member @ Green and Smart Technology Cluster


    Saskia Jõers

    MEU Tallinn 2018 Director General @ BETA Estonia

    Liene Briede 

    Entrepreneurship program director @ RTU Design Factory, Climate-KIC manager in Latvia


    Līga Jupatova

    Project manager assistant @ RTU Design Factory & Climate-KIC