Garage48 SpaceTech Bootcamp

When 29th May to 2nd June

Where Tartu, Estonia

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  • Ready to take the next steps to launch your idea into startup space? 🚀


    Garage48 is delighted to welcome you to a special bootcamp aimed for teams using space technologies or space data for creating new solutions. 

    The bootcamp program is a 5-day intensive course that consists of teamwork, intensive mentoring, hands-on lectures and inspirational talks. You’re going to learn about product-market fit, customer validation, prototyping, marketing, business models, funding, pitching and the legal side of entrepreneurship.

    The goal is to validate your business idea with real customers, finish your MVP (minimum viable product) and get your team ready to pitch for investors.

    During the hackathon we will take good care of you – you will be mentored by the best, fed the yummiest and accommodated at the Hektor Design Hostel.

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    The event is financed by European Regional Development Fund, sTARTUp HUB, Heliocentric Technologies Latvia and Ventspils University College.

    Wednesday, 29th May  
    @SPARK HUB (Narva mnt 3)

    15:30 Arriving, registration.
    16:00 Intro. Setting clear goals for the course.
    16:10 Teams present their ideas. 

    16:30 Value proposition + understanding product-market fit by Aleksander Tõnisson (Buildit)
    17:00 Practical task

    20:00 Team building event @ Naiiv bar (Vallikraavi 6)


    Thursday, 30th May  
    @SPARK HUB (Narva mnt 3)

    10:30 Morning checkpoint
    11:00 Talks of the Day: 
    Finding your MVP: what to build, what not to build by Priit Salumaa (Mooncascade, Garage48)

    Customer Validation. Costumer focus. by John C Sullivan 

    Tools for creating a landing page

    12:00 Lunch

    13:00 Office hours with mentors
    Feedback and advice on MVP with 
    Toomas Välja (Fortumo)
    Pätris Halapuu (Crystalspace)
    14:30 Teams in work mode
    16:00 Snacks @ SPARKY 
    17:00 Evening checkpoint 


    Friday, 31st May   
    @SPARK HUB (Narva mnt 3)

    10:30 Morning checkpoint
    11:00 Talks of the Day:

    Business Models: how do you make money? by John C Sullivan 
    Marketing: how do you get your customers? by Triin Kask (Nevercode)

    12:00 Lunch

    13:00 Teams in work mode 
    15:30 Office hours with mentors
    Feedback and advice on business models and marketing strategy with 
    Triin Kask (Nevercode) 
    Jaana Metsamaa (Pipedrive)
    Martin Vares (Fractory)

    16:00 Snacks @ SPARKY 
    17:00 Evening checkpoint 


    Saturday, 1st June
    @SPARK HUB (Narva mnt 3)

    10:30 Morning checkpoint
    11:00 Talks of the Day: 
    Proposal writing by Nikita Lumijõe (University of Tartu)

    11:30 Training with Gleb Maltsev 
    Startup funding: where to start, what materials to prepare

    Pitching: how to pitch to investors

    13:00 Lunch 
    14:00 Pitch training with Gleb Maltsev continues 

    Snack @ SPARKY 
    17:00 Evening checkpoint 

    Sunday, 2nd June  
    @SPARK HUB (Narva mnt 3)

    10:30 Morning checkpoint 
    11:00 Registering a company + founders agreement + legal docs

    11:30 Final: 1-on-1 investor meetings
    13:00 Finish



    The Mentors 

    Kai Isand
    Pitch Coach and Host at Garage48; CEO @ Eventornado
    Pauls Irbins
    Board Member at Heliocentric Technologies Latvia
    John C. Sullivan
    Founder and President at Resmantra OU
    Aleksander Tõnnisson
    Venture Partner at .Cocoon / Co-founder and CEO of Buildit Accelerator
    Priit Salumaa
    CEO & Founder at Better Medicine
    Pätris Halapuu
    Co-founder of Crystalspace, software architecture and development
    Toomas Välja
    VP of Software Engineering at Hepta Airborne
    Triin Kask
    CPO at Reverse Resources | Program Manager at sTARTUp Day | Board Member at Estonian Founders Society
    Martin Vares
    CEO & co-founder at
    Jaana Metsamaa
    Lead Product Manager at Pipedrive
    Sven Lilla
    Project Manager at ESA BIC Estonia, Business Development Services Coordinator at Tartu Science Park
    Nikita Lumijõe
    Project Manager at University of Tartu
    Gleb Maltsev
    Co-founder at Fundwise | Founder at Stoneful | Pitch coach
    Vaido Mikheim
    Project Manager at Tartu Science Park 
    Gerri Kodres
    Founding Partner at United Angels VC


    Kai Isand
    Host, mentor and pitch coach at Garage48 
    Kadri Tiisvelt
    COO│ Project Manager at Garage48
    Marelle Ellen
    Head of Marketing at sTARTUp Day

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