Here we go again - overview of the upcoming season!

The summer has come and gone and we are off to kick start a new season of Garage48 hackathons. The coming half year we are including the best of our organisers, mentors and advisors to accommodate time and space to find new and innovative products and services in a range of different fields. The truth is that while creating something new is often the main stated goal, the purpose of Garage48 reaches far beyond this. From the very start of Garage48 the aim of the events have been YOU - the people. We want to invite together rock-star developers, designers and other tech folks to mix and mingle, we want to provide a platform through which entrepreneurs can learn more about their craft by hands-on problem solving and experience sharing and we want to add to a global network of techies whose ideas don’t have borders, neither physical nor mental.

The journey of helping to build a strong start-up ecosystem in the region continues with 8 planned events and the opening of a new coworking space in Tallinn. The next 6 months will have us exploring different exciting subjects in Estonia -  you can join us in either Tallinn, Tartu, Pärnu (or all of them) and in Latvia, Riga. We will also be very pleased to visit our partner countries Georgia, Ukraine and Belarus and excited to explore new places like Lebanon where the best of the best participants from all over Eastern Europe can also join us. We will already take off this weekend - join us on Friday for the VUNK Garage48 Hackathon 2016 event in Tallinn or check out the list below of events coming up near you.

The people in Tallinn can also already get excited about the opening of the new start-up community centre, co-working space and a showroom for #EstonianMafia - your invitation to the opening party in Telliskivi Creative City will pop in your inbox close to the end of 2016. Until then we hope to have you joining and following our hackathon events all over the world.

VUNK Garage48 Hackathon 2016

Tallinn, Estonia
9-11 September, 2016

Already this week-end we're starting our autumn season with disrupting the telco world and bringing it closer to startups. This year VUNK program focuses on 3 main topics: internet of things, e-commerce & digitalization.

We are all set with cool ideas and great energy for the week-end. If you're a developer or a kick-ass designer and you feel like you should be part of this awesome event happening in SpaceX Center, register here:

VUNK is powered by Telia and is partnered with Garage48 and Startup Wise Guys.

Garage48 Grodno 2016

Grodno, Belarus
October, 2016

Garage48 is back in Belarus! In cooperation with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Estonian Development Fund we are starting another exciting project in the country of top-notch developers. The first event will take place in the city of Grodno with the help of MSQRD, Garage48 super success story, SPACE, our organising partners from a fast growing tech community based in Minsk and many more local startup figures. The Baltic participants from Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania will have a chance to join the free roadtrip to Grodno and join the event. 

Garage48 Open & Big Data

Tartu, Estonia
21-23 October, 2016


In October we will step into the exciting world of data. Garage48 in partnership with the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications, Information System Authority and University of Tartu Institute of Computer Science are hosting a hackathon with grand vision and great amount of data!
The Garage48 Open & Big Data 2016 hackathon in Tartu is bringing data science closer to teams by opening up data sets for teams to explore and develop. The government and many private companies will give their data for this hackathon to create new prototypes for this new market that is valued in billions as there are already 75,000 Open Data jobs within the EU 28+ private sector this year alone. Even though “open data” and “big data” sound sexy, they really are sexy – technology giants Google and Amazon are the best examples on how data analytics is used to improve its search quality and recommendations for new products to clients. Open data is quite extraordinary – all financial, agricultural, informational, cultural, health and business data are built up of data sets that all the teams can now use.
Want to build prototypes using open & big data? Join our international hackathon on Oct 21-23 in Tartu, Estonia.

„Garage48 Open&Big Data 2016 will take place in the framework of EU Structural Funds support scheme “Raising Public Awareness about the Information Society” and is funded by the European Regional Development Fund.“

Garage48 Dnipro 2016
Dnipro, Ukraine
28-30 October, 2016
Garage48 is teaming up again with the Estonian Development Cooperation and our local partners to bring hackathons to Ukraine. At the end of October we will visit the beautiful town of Grodno to hack the world of IoT. Prepare yourself for 48 hours full of fun, coding, building, designing, selling and thinking BIG! So if you’re ready to think outside of the box, meet like-minded people and build something crazy and innovative, this event is for you!

Why IoT? Within the nearest future, there will be a continuously increasing number of items, that will be equipped with sensors. They will interact and collect data, then communicate this data through the internet with users and systems. The Internet of Things hackathon will help you realize your ideas to innovative technologies and infrastructure, that enable connected devices to communicate with each other.

We expect people of all skill sets - engineers, developers, designers, marketers, visionaries - to come together and work on their ideas with a target to have fun while doing it. We invite you to take advantage of this unique opportunity and be part of the disruption! More information here:

BDL Accelerate 2016 HealthTech Hackathon
Beirut, Lebanon
2-4 November, 2016

Beginning of November will get hot, we promise you that! Garage48 has joined forces with BDL Accelerate 2016 and HackingSurgery is organizing an international healthtech focused hackathon event during the biggest and most influential startup conference on the Mediterranean and MENA region. The hackathon is all about realizing ideas about IT apps or platforms that address the health & medical industry. And, the Winner of The BDL Accelerate 2016 HealthTech Hackathon will be awarded a $10,000 Cash Prize to continue the development of their idea into a full working IT tool.

We'll be travelling with at least 10 top notch mentors and speakers to Lebanon and bringing talented and motivated participants with us.

You feel like joining us as a participant for the BDL Accelerate 2016 HealthTech Hackathon? We'll be awarding talented individuals in every hackathon during autumn to come and travel with us, all expenses covered. Follow our Facebook and Twitter for additional information.

Event link and registration:

Student Startup Camp Kutaisi 2016
Kutaisi, Georgia
November, 2016

The Student Startup Camp is an intensive program to teach the basics of launching a tech startup. The participants are guided through the most important steps by active entrepreneurs and trainers from Estonia. During the course we introduce tools to use to validate your market, engage your customer, build a prototype of the product, put down a marketing strategy, set clear business goals and learn how to present your idea. The participants get intensive mentoring, talks on specific topics and hands-on assignments. This is another project started together with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Estonian Development Cooperation and our amazing local partner GITA - Georgia’s Innovation and Technology Agency. We will be going to the biggest university towns to run bootcamps and hackathon events, starting with Kutaisi, moving to Batumi and then Tbilisi. Specific event info to be announced soon.

Garage48 Pärnu Women in Tech 2016
Pärnu, Estonia
18-20 November, 2016

We're doing it again! For the 4th year in a row we're organizing an event in the beautiful summer capital of Estonia to motivate all great and talented people to come out with their ideas. As the tradition goes we are especially motivating women to come and participate and raise the gender balance in startup community.

Garage48 Pärnu Women in Tech 2016 will be hosted in TU Pärnu College and registration will open from 18th September. Stay tuned for more information.

Garage48 “SmartCity”
Riga, Latvia
9-11 December, 2016

In December 2016 our great team in Latvia will organise Garage48 SmartCity - a hackathon to make our cities a better place to live. Join us in Riga, Latvia and you can meet many new people with similar interests in smart cities, data analytics, design, IoT, etc. More information will follow, stay tuned.

A big thank you to all our partners and sponsors helping us to make this amazing season happen!

See you where ideas turn into prototypes!


Garage48 team

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