• Agenda
  • Garage48 has a flexible schedule. We have some key activities that needs to be planned ahead.   
    Venue: 7rooms anticafe Lenin str. 72, Vitebsk, see in map below

    Friday, 12th of SeptemberSaturday, 13th of SeptemberSunday, 14th of SeptemberNB! Schedule is tentative, changes are possible and likely to happen.   



    Priit Salumaa

    Co-Founder of Mooncascade and Garage48

    Linkedin Facebook

    Ragnar Sass

    Co-founder at Garage48, Co-founder @ Pipedrive, Co-founder @ Clanbeat, Founder @ LIFT99


    Maarika Truu

    Head of Startup Estonia


    Martin Grüner

    Co-founder at Aplefly Games

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    Anastasia Khamiankov

    Co-founder at BEL.BIZ & Imaguru.co


    Anastasia Khamiankov

    BEL.BIZ & Imaguru.co co-founder

    Krists Avosts

    Garage48 events & sponsors

    Vlad Batushkov

    DevOWL Meetups co-Founder