VUNK Garage48 Telecom- one of its kind!

Oh WOW! Have you ever seen a yellow unicorn with two horns? No? Well this is how unique the VUNK Garage48 Telecom event is! Around 140 people gathered to the truly coolest venue in Estonia, Kultuurikatel, on Friday evening to hack (or atleast see how others do it) telco! 

From 24 ideas pitched, 12 found their teams- so you can imagine how big the average team is. 8 people per team seems to be a norm this time (sidenote: we mainly have 4-member teams). Another ununusual detail about the event is that the number of marketers at this event is remarkably big.
This time we additionally to the small summary of the idea also bring out the problems the teams are solving. You can find all the teams below:

The problem Airsofttracker is solving: helps game organizers to create more sophisticated games
Solution: mobile app - paintball sports but more sophisticated. Helps to communicate and brings more fun to Airsoft players

Feelingstream - accepted
The problem Feelingstream is solving: enterprizes don't know their customers feelings and needs
Solution: cloud based analytical platform to detect and visualize customer feelings similar to Google Analytics

Keskus - accepted
The problem Keskus is solving: too many channels and different design requirements for marketing campaigns in all these different channels
Solution: marketing tool for organizing and tracking marketing and promotion campaigns in many channels at the same time (merchants creating campaigns and sharing this amongst all channels in one place)

MarinaAhoy - accepted
The problem Marina Ahoi is solving: sailors can't pay and also fill in needed information for the port services in mobile
Solution: mob app for port management -  mobile solution for yacht cruisers to check in and out, pay mobile, fill in forms

Rebelroam - accepted
The problem Rebelroam is solving: no wifi service in Europe 800 mil tour buses and cruises
Solution: to provide wifi for these buses (international)

Tippy  - accepted
The problem Tippy is solving: no cash to tip waiters and waitresses
Solution: mob app to tip waiters and waitresses without cash

iOT Security - accepted
The problem IOT Security is solving: not secured M2M communication
Solution: security to machine-to-machine communication

Connecty - accepted
Problem:people don't use their paid packages and services in full potential
Solution: share out your home network, mob phone data to people who need it occasionally and don't need the whole package (target group: tourists, taxi drivers)

Need2Park - accepted
Problem: people have problem to find free parking lots and pay a lot of money for it
Solution: interface for parking owners to simplify the parking lot payments for people who need parking (eliminate intermediary company between parking lot owners and customers)

Quikcamp - accepted
Problem: no universal place for finding and booking camping lots and also finding your camping place in a big festival area
Solution: universal platform for mapping the camping places (festivals and peoples home)

Cactusjam - accepted
Problem: no place to find bandmates
Solution: platform for music lovers creating music together and finding eachother

Get_It_Fixed - accepted
Problem: all maintenance problems in the house, flats and all properties are not fixed efficiently
Solution: platform to make real estate/property management agile

The problem Festar is solving: old fashioned paper maps in festivals
Solution: app with interactive map with festival schedule and locations

The problem Go4Me is solving: people can't attend some events they have bought tickets to and by that the money is wasted
Solution: marketplace for selling second hand tickets

Mentor X
The problem that Mentor X is solving: hard to find professional people to interact and learn new skills, knowledge
Solution: social media app for professionals to connect and communicate in totally new level; Tinder for professionals

The problem that KUP is solving: too long customer support lines and hard to find the number of the customer support
Solution: customer support button in the app which shows how long is the waiting line etc

Self-broadcasting system
The problem that Self-broadcasting system is solving: informational application about natural disasters abroad in your local language (especially useful while travelling)
Solution: self-broadcasting system in native language to give the real-time information about natural disasters for people or businesses

The problem that Kidsbusy is solving: conflicts between parents regarding communication related to their children's activities
Solution: organize efficiently children’s activities in the neighborhood (communication tool)

The problem that Publicplug is solving: the battery is not lasting long enough while working outside the office place
Solution: to map these public power sources for people to use power source plugs outside (mobile phones, laptops)

The problem that Crazy is solving: people are wasting time in social media channels (especially kids)
Solution: application to limit and track the usage of social channels (for ex. parents can limit their children’s social channels usage ) 

Random idea nr 1
The problem that Random idea nr 1 is solving: very bad and slow solutions in governmental organizations
Solution: service to bring startup mindset into the public sector and change services more innovative and effective

The problem that Rebelteen is solving: families are breaking up
Solution: app for teens blocking parental restrictions

The problem that Career3 is solving: employees feel stuck - don't know what to do exactly in their career path - and employers don't find right people and tend to lose good people
Solution: platform for job opportunities and finding right mentors available for employees by filling in simple a application. Revenue: monthly subscriptions

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