The 17 Futuristic And Amazing Teams At Garage48 Tourism Pärnu Hackathon

There are an amazing 17 teams working on their prototypes and concept here at the Garage48 Tourism Pärnu hackathon at Tartu Ülikooli Pärnu Kolledž. We have projects ranging from air travel transportation to finding a sporting buddy to supporting the local shops to a GPS game etc. It really does pay off to work hard on this weekend, not only because we have amazing prizes for the winning teams and the tourism market is one of the largest in the world, but also because of recent unfortunate events happening in the world. As people are getting more vulnerable for travelling, we need to focus on the good in order to move on. We believe that we need to be more unified and innovative than ever.
So we invite you to watch our live stream of the demo event tomorrow to support the teams and projects. You can stream live the demo event here on our website at 17:30 (GMT+2).

All the ideas in no particular order:

1. Agentizer
Agentizer is the most effective marketplace for travel agents and tour guides! It's a smart and easy online booking engine for travel agents to book tour guides with one time data entry, group messaging and prompt response from guides that accept the job.

Team members: Raimo Matvere - Team Lead, Dana Neemre - Tourism Expert, Kadri Kukk - PR and Marketing, Kristjan Roosild - Development, Riin Kirt - Design

2. ShipItWise
Shipitwise - the easiest way for air travellers to ship bulky items. Air travellers are often faced with a problem. They have to consider fixed size and weight luggage limits by airlines, so they had to limit their shopping, because getting bulky items home is complicated. They also have a problem getting their sports equipment abroad, when going e.g. on a skiing or golf holiday. We provide air travellers with a simple application, where they can order shipping service and let us do the rest. We pick up your items, pack them on the spot and put together the most efficient transportation chain.
Team members: Aleksander Gansen - CEO & Project Manager, Olari Miiter - Designer, Ragmar Saksing - Front-End Developer, Ako Tulu - iOS Developer, Tõnis Truumaa - Back-End Developer, Anna Medjanskaja - Logistics Expert, Sander Gansen - Marketing, Helen Kokk - Designer (mentor)

3. Soundy
The happy voice in a long-distance relationship! Soundy is a simple social wake up messaging that allows you to send mobile voice messages to your loved ones, who will receive it exactly the time when they have set their alarm clock to wake up.
Team members: Marit Sall - Manager, Caroline Rute - Manager's help, Kaspar Kuus -Marketing, Kaisa-Triin Karu - Marketing, Maarja Pajusalu - Designer, Aleksandra Varnaeva - Designer, Oleg Stasula - Developer, Mistory Michael - Developer, Uku A. Kudu - marketer

4. Eatsy
We are creating an all-in-one app to solve all the problems related to eating out while including social media features.
Team members: Egert Kalimulin - Projectlead, Airon Roosalu - Front end arendaja, Rein Pettai - Front end arendaja, Jussi Mõttus - Disain, Pille Triin Raitviir - Marketing, Ethan Janno Eigi - Marketing, Hemant Kumar - Back end developer

5. ES
Dashboard for event managers to track data about your event, before, during and after.
Team members: Laura Altin - Team lead, Siim Esko - Marketer, Art Koval - Tourism Sector Specialist, Jane Jakobson - Tourism Sector Specialist, Karl Tõnissoo - Frontend, Jaak Asser - Frontend, Martin Veeris - Backend, Marten Limbach - Design /UX Guru

6. Cartul
60% of all online purchases in Estonia are for services such as accommodation, events and tickets and the market share of online sales is growing fast. But as a service provider, setting up online sales on your own website is time consuming, expensive and needs IT specialist to manage. We offer local service providers a tool that allows you to set up online sales in 5 minutes, setup is free and the platform is so easy to use and maintain that anyone can do it. You can sell gift cards, event tickets or deal vouchers. Sell either on your own channels (website, emails, blog) or choose from a wide variety of top marketing channels to reach 1M+ new customers. 
Team members: Priit Tomp - project manager, Maksim Novikov - Back-End Developer, Ilija Nikolajev - Designer, Evelin Kusman - Sales Manager, Triin Kallas - Turismi spetsialist, Barbara Lettens - Turismi spetsialist, Marko Tammest - Marketing

7. Sportimate
Our idea is to create an ultimate social networking platform for people interested in sports. Not only does Sportimate enable you to connect with your existing training buddies, but it also helps you to find new friends that share same hobbies as you. In addition, Sportimate helps you to effortlessly organize or sign up for new trainings, and even find new training opportunities/locations when traveling. Sportimate helps you to get rid of excuses like “organising football training is too damn hard”, “I don’t have anyone to play tennis with”, "I hate running alone" etc. Sportimate connects you to local sports communities and helps you find trainings wherever and whenever it suits you, with the people you are connected to.
Team members: Madis Sulg - Project Manager, Toomas Välja - Design, Rain Aavisto - Back-End Developer; Mobile App Developer, Enrico Buntsel - Marketer, Merilin Vikkisk - Tourism Specialist, Heli Sepping - Marketer

8. Snippetguide
Imagine, on a beautiful sunny day You are travelling to a meeting in Berlin. You have 3 hours of free time between meetings and You would like to see sights on your own pace and get to know more about these sights than on a conventional tour... Snippetguide is the perfect solution for You... We create a free flexible personalized city tour for You according to your preferences, likes of similar users and available time.
Team members: Annabel Vardja - tourism specialist, Kristjan Tromp - marketer, Eero Elenurm - project manager, Roberts Dargis - developer

9. Vactivity
Travelling - one of the finer things in life, an experience so personal and unique. As a tourist you are in isolation, a stranger, a John Smith. We at Vactiviti thought that it is time for a change. It is time to experience life like a local with locals. Time for genuine person to person adventures. Fishing trip with Tõnis in Saaremaa, making Swedish meatballs with Jens in Gothenburg or French poetry night in Lyon with Amelie? Imagine that in only two clicks you’ll be able to join in adventures like that, all over the world. Vactiviti - Find your adventure
Team members: Kristo Kraft - project leader, Märten Soo - developer, Martin Kuuspalu - developer
Tiiu-Triin Tigas - designer, Sten Krüünvald - marketer, Tatjana Mändla - marketer, Palle Kõlar - tourism sector specialist, Eileen Kvier - tourism sector specialist, Heidi Tiik tourism - sector specialist

10. SecretPath
SecretPath is a combination of a walking city tour and GPS game for individual travellers. It is a brand new way to travel! You can visit new places, learn history and play at the same time. 
Team members: Vadim - project manager, Dan - front end developer, Gerry - back end developer, Margo - back end developer, Jana - marketing specialist, Liis - tourism specialist + Raigo Lilleberg helping with design

11. Team To Travel
"Find your travel-buddy!"
Team members: Roman Hnatyk - Project Manager, Inna Golovina - tourist specialist, Alari Rajande backend developer, Omar Duarte - backend developer, Kaisa Järvpõld - frontend developer, Monika Sefer - Marketing Specialist, Marija Dmitrijeva - designer

12. Group2Fly
Getting international teams together to a specific location is a timekiller for the managers who have to book the trips for all of those people. Group2Fly will save time of booking and minimize the waiting time of the participants.
Team members: Ott Sarapuu - Business development, Kaie Tropp - Tourism expert, Annika Ülem - Marketing, Triin Mahlakõiv - Marketing Manager, Joel Mislav Kunst - Back end developement, Agni Raitar - Brand developement, Indrek Lasm - Front end development, Heli Aomets - Project manager

13. Zenple
Approach your life and work with a fresh focus, with our journey to a Japanese temple. When there, you will rest, relax and refresh your mind.
Team members: Tsutomu Gabriel Komori - project manager, Fridrih Klausen - Design, Tiina Klausen - Design, Lauri Ööpik - marketing, Stuart Garlick - marketing, Marko Alas - backend developer, Mihkel Lennuk - tourism spec, Marit Piirman - tourism spec, Mattias Saldre - front end developer

14. Then and Now Tours
Then & Now Tours is a photo hunt tour guide app for tourists and locals who use smart devices, like to take photos and want to discover places’ history when walking around in the city. The app is based on historic maps and historic photographs. Unlike other virtual tour guides it offers you a personalized tour and challenges you to go and repeat the old photos by contributing “now” photos next to historic “then” pictures.
Team members: Marju Niinemaa -- frontend, Lauri Elias -- backend, Juhan Pant -- backend, Paul Lilje -- tourism / marketing, Egor Titov - tourism / marketing, Vahur Puik -- team lead / project manager

15. Suzet
Suzet is an app to provide an easier method of finding foods customers really want and need. Suzet is also one of the best marketing tools for a restaurant since users are able to subscribe to their offers via the app itself, ensuring habit creation. 
Team members: Raul - Project manager, Designer, Front-end developer, Artur - Back-end developer, Priit - Marketer, Glenn - Marketing guru.

16. LocalsMade
Find outstanding local products wherever you are! LocalsMade helps you to support local economy by consuming the best of what’s made by local entrepreneurs.
Team members: Triin - tourism specialist, Katja - marketer, Piret - tourism specialist, Mari-Liis - back-end developer, Karl-Martin - back-end developer, Helena - disainer, Veli-Johan - front end developer, Taavi - project manager, Shardee - project manager

17. Up Here

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