Record Breaking Garage48 Minsk 2015 Hackathon Has Kicked Off!

Already for the 6th time, Garage48 hackathon is kicking off in the beautiful city of Minsk! Garage48 in co-operation with the Imaguru Startup HUB and Estonian Development Cooperation is bringing together technology-minded people from Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Belarus to build innovations by creating next generation startups! Not only is it our 6th event, but we are likewise breaking our own records by having 120 participants, 39 pitched ideas and 20 chosen teams into development in Minsk! We hope all the participants will use this time at the hackathon wisely, as this is the best place to network and validate your product. 

Ragnar Sass, the co-founder of Garage48 and Pipedrive, gave his advice to make at least 10 new contacts every day at this event. In other words this hackathon is all about doing and making things happen - creating real prototypes, talking to real customers, doing real research! So let's make stuff happen!

It was incredible to hear so many great ideas. We are also glad that so many idea owners came prepared by having already found a team and made a snippet of the prototype. Though at Garage48 you do not need to make these things beforehand, we like that people take their ideas seriously.

All the 20 ideas that got picked for the development and are already working on their product:

1. aiWeesh - Online gift management tool. Platform where people can publish their wishes so others can make them come true.
2. MustSee - Application which allows anyone to take an exclusive tour or even make their own one. Mobile app for locals to become guides by creating tours and for tourists to select those tours.
3. Zyvie - Mobile app quiz for Belarusian people who want enhance their knowledge about Belarus.
4. MSQRD - Mobile app for face tracking and video effects to make video messaging more fun.
5. Deep Dive Scanner - Mobile app for booking scuba diving trips.
6. FINDME - Mobile application for finding lost people/someone you saw on a street/at a party etc.
7. Online Open Innovation Platform/Startup ON - Online platform for startups with a roadmap, which every signed up startup can follow to grow.
8. Blue Testing Ocean (Ocean QA) - Platform for QA students without real world world experience and giving them a chance to grow their work experience in the field.
9. Sportivity - App for exploring gyms nearby, receive your personal workout plan and monitor the precise amount of people currently using the gym.
10. Licence Checker - Automatically scans your source code dependencies’ licences and generates a human readable report which enables you to see if you will have any licence issues or conflicts.
11. EightyDaysApp - System which helps to find cheaper ways to travel around the world. Finding cheaper transport and accommodation.
12. LearningEye - App that analyzes how many people/objects are visible in the video stream. Can be used in advertising, marketing or for inventory in a shop etc.
13. Nagibator - product replacement in videos to replace advertisements.
14. Coding Panthers - Platform that enables to create customized tests for test driving developers before hiring them.
15. FeedMe! - Application that enables you to pay for food and send it to anyone you like. Virtual gift cards for a dinner in a restaurant.
16. BELARUS Stock Market Data Analysis Tool - A service where people can easily find information about Belarusian public companies, sells and buys.
17. Placeee - Application that makes museums more engaging with iBeacons and virtual reality.
18. BetU - Service where you can create and manage your bet  with one click and win money.
19. Traveling Wingman - Application which, based on your preferences and data, creates the perfect customized route for you to travel.
20. Where Is My Money - Mobile app with which you can take an image of a restaurant receipt and mark who of your friends ate what and push notification to everyone to let them know how much money they owe to the person who paid for the food.

Ideas that were also great, but sadly didn't manage to attract a team:
1. Motivator - Development trees and quests for employees and trainees. App for motivating employees with gamification.
2. ScedWise - Mobile dissertation planner for students. Set a goal, a time constraint and a study pace.
3. Briefly - Saas project to get information from your customers and analytics about how they filled in the survey/questionnaire.
4. Nalanga - Game based learning management system. System to teach children without teachers and internet connection on basic school level. Targeted for children who are 5-6 years old.
5. Visit Tool - Customer feedback system for websites with callback, instant messaging and skype.
6. HIREYOUNG - Mobile app to help young people without work experience to find their first job or internship.
7. Book Exchanger - Mobile application for sharing your home library and exchanging books with other people.
8. It's Not My Name - Mobile application to create a possibility to find work for people without citizenship.
9. Cyber Fund - First platform for investing to crypto assets. Making digital investments comprehensible, accessible, easy and safe.
10. Check to Cashup - Mobile application for scanning a special QR code from goods, which gives authenticity information about the product and gives customer data to the producer of goods.
11. Event Planster - Digital agency for event planning.
12. Egg - New generation back end service to help any team to build a mobile app without any big problems. Mobile back end as a service.
13. Boxinator - Workflow automation on all your devices. Smart file sharing system.
14. Hando - Day to day automation for regular people.
15. Construction City - Logic game for small kids.
16. NoListo - Self-development app, which helps to schedule pleasurable habits in the right time of the day to get better into flow.
17. FCLAB. - One click help for people who might have problems with police. A button you can press when there is police nearby and people are notified about it.
18. Who Am I? - Mobile app where you can certificate your phone number. HTTPS for phone calls.
19. Building the Champions - Tracking system with which coaches in team sports can gather and analyze athletes’ data to train them better.

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