Hacking in sunny Minsk

It is a beautiful, sunny weather here at Minsk and Garage48 event has arrived to help to uncover some hidden start-up stars. Around 75 participants from Belarus, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania got together at Imaguru Startup Hub, the very first tech co-working space in Minsk. The previous two Garage48 events became a launchpad for some exiting start-ups like trackduck.com; read-on to see who might follow the path to success!

The event took off with buzzing crowd and some promising pitches on the stage. Though there was a temptation to speak Russian, the participants were doing a good job in being in English-mode and thus contributing to the international scope the event enables. Meanwhile, Garage48 co-founder Ragnar Sass proved his freshly minted Russian skills on stage.  A total of 22 ideas were pitched, making it very difficult for the judges to say “No” to some that perhaps were not as well prepared as some other ones. 12 out of 22 of ideas got working teams and continue with hard work to turn them into working prototypes. 

Meet the teams!

1) 2Wear - Having problems choosing what to wear today? Take a picture of yourself wearing different clothes and let others decide!

Members: Valentine Zavadsky (Pitcher, back end), Alexey Petrinich (IOS mobile developer), Yury Kaliada (Back end), Artiom Litvinov (Marketing), Alexander Karpovich (Designer).

Website: http://2wear.mobi

2) Digital Smell - Get to know and see the personal profiles of the anonymous visitors and commentators on your homepage.

Members: Alexey Ustyantsev (Back end), Dmitri Pluschaev (Back end), Aleksandr Tatulchenkov (Back end), Ronalds Sovas (Back end), Gints Turlajs (Visionary).

3) Fingerfolk - Let's fingerfolk the world! Fingerfolking is the new black! Compete and be the best in a two-fingered touchscreen dance!

Members: Erik Ehasoo (Teamlead), Reigo Kimmel (Marketing), Kristo Peterson (Marketing), Rain Juhkam (Disain), Fred Moritz (Disain), Rauno Vilberg (Developer), Tatiana Btukhan (Folkspecialist), Cristo Pajust (Business Consultant).

4) StoryFlip - generates the coolest story by people to people gives people a chance to write the coolest story ever!

Members: Aleksey Krasikov (Design/ Front end developer), Anton Poznyak (Design), Taimo Peelo (Back end), Dmitry Volokh (Front end), Oleg Shildlovski (Back end), Danik Tsyrkunov (Front end), Max Farafonov (Teamlead).

Website: http://storyflip.herokuapp.com

5) QuestIt - Feeling bored and tired of every-day life? QuestIt gives you cool and fun assignments to accomplish and show to other QuestIt users.

Members: Sergey Gaykov (Back end), Alexey Lapotko (Mobile developer), Kirill Bocharov (Back end), Vladislav Narutski (Mobile developer).

6) SalesHunter - helps you get information from e-mails and messages about your chosen categories (about sales, deals and events). 

Members: Eugene Tskhovrebov (Back end), Eugene Krivicki (Marketing), Vladimir Hudnitsky (Front end), Svetlana Dedunovich (Front end), Ilya Korneev (Back end).

7) MyMarx - Using MyMarx you will never loose your bookmarks again and you find all necessary information easily. Bookmarks is like your personal Google.

Members: Dmitry Kaigorodov (Teamlead), Vasili Shinkorenko (Marketing), Peter Katsko (Business), Egor Bukraba (Front end), Alex Tarasenko (Marketing), Aleksandr Oreshkevich (Trainee)

8) Sportplaner - helps you find a suitable coach or sports class easily. It connects the trainers and the trainees.

Members: Danila Romaniuk (Front end), Andrei Ruban (Back end), Yury Molchan (Back end), Aleksandr Konopatsky (Front end).

Website: http://sportplaner.by

9) Recalorie - Having problems with filling-in your diary for calories? Recalorie counts your calories for you. Just take a picture of your food and the application will automatically recognize the calories in it. 

Members: Eugene Nevgen (Design/front end), Maksim Kamenkov (Back end), Andrey Adamovich (Mobile front/back end), Boris Bolokhonov (Marketer).

10) PitFixer - lets you take a picture and tag holes in roads to simplify reporting processes to the right authorities.

Members: Alex Kroshner (Teamlead/Back end), Klim Zavadski (Back end), Augustas Staras (Marketer), Maris Jonovs (Design).

Website: http://pitfixersql.cloudapp.net 

11) Notify Ninja - Web monitoring tool that is integrated with your Skype account. 

Members: Mikhail Chuprynski (Developer), Valery Kochetkov (Developer), Reda Štarė (Marketing), Māris Jonovs (Design), Alex Teut (Developer), Arkadzi (Developer), Evgeny Palcheuski (Team lead).

12) Amfree is all about making spontaneous plans and going out with your friends. Selected friends will see you are free to go out with them and vice-versa.

Members: Constantine Yurevich (Developer), Alex Yakovlev (Design)

Website: http://getamfree.com

Big thanks to our partners who made this event possible!

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