Garage48 Lviv 2014 pitched ideas

Wow! What an amazing evening it has been! Garage48 is in autumny Lviv for the first time and we have just finished listening to all the pitches. Our event is taking place in the coolest development center in Lviv- N-iX.

Venue, mostly full of developers, is now prepared for an intensive weekend! When our speaker and co-founder of Garage48, Priit Salumaa, asked the crowd: “Are you ready?!, he got the most the masculine "YEAAH!" in Garage48 history.

Altogether over 80 participants from Ukraine, Poland and Estonia joined, to take part of our amazing hackathon. 

Out of 28 ideas pitched, 14 teams attracted the required number of members needed to start developing the idea into a prototype, marked underneath with bold.

1.   Match Heroes - Strategic war game

2.   City Quest – provides personalized gamification of touristic experience

3.    Events Finder – Connects local people and events

4.   Cloice – offers management for small hotels

5.   One Green Button Away From a Date - Dating service as blind date

6.    Platform for book crossing - book lending platform for paper books

7.    Erect! – erotic magazine for women who want to be loved

8.    Code notes – code tracing service for developers

9.    Stolik-2 – Sells Finnish design to Ukraine

10.  Socially passive person – marketplace for good deeds

11.  #Realtime carsharing – private transport service

12.  The Coffeeist – loyalty app for coffee shops

13.  The pine car - Car sheering service

14.  Do it for me - Marketplace for short jobs

15.  UkeBook – Local self-publishing version of Kindle Direct Publishing

16.  Friend Burster – Social game

17.  Course Management system – helps to systemize courses

18. –  people connecting service

19.  CarwashBooking – helps you to find the nearest car wash

20.  Charity Auction – ebay of charity (place to manage charity auctions)

21. – System that punish if you f ck up

22.  API - SMS sending system

23.  Text Guest builder – book promotion, text game

24.  Just another game -  choice making game

25.  Best AudioBook Listener App 

26.  Movieman – favorite movie/series reminder app

27.  Easy trip –  helps you to find travel agency 

28. – food sheering service

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