Garage48 Kaliningrad 2013 winner is Blinky Squat

Garage48 is proud to announce the winners of the Kaliningrad event, which this time took place during 09.-11. August 2013 within the youth festival “Baltik Artek” where young entrepreneurs came together to learn, work and develop their ideas into working prototypes. 19 ideas were pitched and 8 of them went on to the next round being guided by mentors. 

Sunday night, after hard weekends work, Blinky Squat was announced as the winner of Garage48 Kaliningrad 2013, Bender Rodriges as the runner-up and the Newskill as favorite of the audience. The special award from Megafon goes to The title of the most resilient team goes to one-man-team TV Box.  

Ragnar Sass, co-founder of Garage48 and a jury member explains the results. "Blinky Squat won because they built one of the best prototypes in the Garage48 history. The features and the design they showed, the prototype itself is truly amazing. It's almost unbelievable that they have done this in only 48 hours. And also they had one of the most funniest presentation of Garage48 history." See the full description of the winners below, read more about the event here or take a look at the photos.



The overall winner 

Blinky Squat is a multiplatform step by step online shooter with innovative gameplay and unique story.When you start playing, the game occupies your mind easily and intuitively. It's a small and simple game for everyone who are tired from the everyday routine. 

Team: Krill, Mark, Sasha



Bender Rodriges is a remote controlled robot via Wi-Fi from smartphone or PC. With streaming video and similar crazy stuff. 

Team: Oleg Antonyan, Alexey Belousov, Danil Borchevkin, Davis Jaunzems, Janis Peisenieks


Favorite of the audience

The NeWskill does brain dating service. They do it for students, housewives, specialists like IT, expats and all self-motivated people wishing to develop their knowledge and personality. They know it is cool to learn with a great coach who provides constant personal feedback. It is hard to find this great coach. That's why NeWskill got it for you. The NeWskill - exchange your skills! 

Team: Natella Dzhaparidze, Max Ilyin, Timur Kuchushev, Vladimir Belov, Julia Eremenko, Alisa Lezdina, Anton Buchinchik, Pavel Geveyler


Special Prize from Megafon is a Facebook app that provides instant matching and marrying. Why not give destiny a chance?

Team: Gints Turlajs, Alexey Martynov, Evgeniy Makarkhin, Aleksand Sandrovsky, Viktoria Grifins  

The most resilient team

TV Box enables bars with their own interactive TV. A TV with video playlist created by bar, TV with bar own specific advertisement, TV that allows customers to chat, vote for music to be played, play team games etc. 

Team: Rostislav Belov     


Ragnar Sass, co-founder of Garage48, co-founder & President of Pipedrive 

Priit Salumaa, co-founder @ Mooncascade, Garage48, and MobileMonday Estonia

Uldis Leiterts, Co-founder of

Mike Reiner, Startup Catalyzer & Chief Wise Guy at StartupWiseGuys

Elor Pruvli, business development expert for internet businesses, ex-Googler

Rafal Janik, Managing Director at SoCommerce

Ulane Vilumets, co-founder of Like A Local Guide

Lyudmila Evstratova, head of youth projects and special events of RVC


Huge thanks to our SPONSORS 

General partner: Ministry of Industry and Entreprenerial Development of Kaliningrad region

Intellectual partner: RVC is a government fund of funds and a development institute of the Russian Federation

Mobile partner: MegaFon OJSC is a leading Russian universal telecommunication service provider

Technology partner: Microsoft BizSpark

Mik-avia tourism and travel agency


 Agency for Youth Affairs of the Kaliningrad Region

The Global Shapers Community

Consult-info a company that works in a field of IT in Kaliningrad region for more than 8 years offering  system integration, web development and full-cycle IT service. 


ForkConf is the must-come Kaliningrad IT community offline event

Gdansk business incubator STARTER

Startup Pirates @ Gdansk is an one-week acceleration program

Айти-Событие.рф portal is covering events

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