Garage48 Chisinau 2017 was won by a smartlock system for the 21st century!

The second Garage48 hackathon in Moldova has ended. It was a weekend full of hardcore developing, sleepless nights, laughter and tears, and it was unforgettable! There were 14 ideas pitched on Friday evening from which 10 ideas went into deveopment. The ideas hacked “touchless”payments, trainings for pharmacists, tackling the problem of cluttered internet tabs and many other innovative ideas. The hackathon was organised with the funding of Estonian Development Cooperation and our local partners Civitta Moldova and Dreamups Innovation Campus. After an intense 48 hours of developing their prototypes and preparing for the finals the teams had 3 minutes to pitch their products.

The jury consisted of 5 people who are active in the startup ecosystems of Estonia and Moldova: Harri Tallinn (Civitta, Ajujaht), Andres Susi (Garage48), Joao Rei (Idea Group), Jordan Valdma (Transferwise), Catrina Silova (Civitta Moldova).

After the pitches the jury had to decide amongst the successful teams. Here are the winners of Garage48 Chisinau 2017:

Prize: Tickets, travel and accommodation to the e-Estonian flagship startup & tech conference! Latitude59 and Space program Acceleration and mentoring initiative Space program run by Dreamups Innovation Campus

Lockstache is an Access Management system that easily integrates with most popular smartlock providers available on the market and turns your phone into a secure, unique digital key, able to lock/unlock, grant or revoke user access to a given door. Lockstache offers an open API and SDK for iOS and Android mobile devices.

Sergiu (Backend Developer), Vasile (Android Developer), Natasha (Marketing), Constantin (Hardware Developer), Eugeniu (Designer), Vlad (Visionary/iOS Developer)

Prize: Acceleration and mentoring initiative Space program run by Dreamups Innovation Campus

DiveInPay is the first startup in Moldova that develops solutions dedicated to “touchless” payment using car plate recognition that is linked to your mobile wallet. The mobile friendly app helps drivers save time wasted in queues by planning the entire service activity with one click.

Alexandru (Developer), Dima (Developer/designer), Eugeniu (Mobile developer), Ana (Project Manager), Rodica (Marketing)

II Runner-up

Prize: Acceleration and mentoring initiative Space program run by Dreamups Innovation Campus

Simple Training
What if trainings for your professional education would be available online all the time? Info that you really need reachable in just a click of a mouse? Well, we have thought of creating such platform ...for pharmacists!
It is a web based platform which offers a client-specific package, where by client I mean a pharmacy chain, which works with certain brands.
We provide the access, and also manage the contents.

Rogojina Iulia (Visionnaire), Ion Ciobanu (Developer)

Favourite of the audience

It is a platform that helps businesses to polish their idea of an application and recommend the perfect match of a software company.

Gaitur Iurie (Backend Developer), Pavel Novac (Frontend Developer), Capcelea Nicolae (Designer), Alexandru Burlacu (Backend Developer), Alexandru Placinta (Backend Developer), Dragost Lupei (Frontend Developer)

Transferwise Special prizes
Prize: Amazon gift cards

Hackwall is a platform whose purpose is to mark the best programmers through fun challenges(online hackathons). It helps programmers to improve their coding skills and on the other hand IT companies streamline their recruiting process.

Ecaterina Donciu (Designer/marketing/project-manager), Dragoș Străinu (Front-end developer), Alexandru Vdovicenco (Front-end developer), Mihai Lungu (Designer/tester), Stanislav Spatari (Backend developer), Sorin Vrabie (Marketing)
Victor Timoftii (Backend developer)

Tree Lib
( )
It's the first ever site that will connect all the libraries in Moldova. Every user will be able to find any book he/she wants in the easiest and fastest way. Using this platform, readers will know where they can find a book they need and also reserve it, this represents the most accessible way to get to the library.

Neghin Mihai (Project Manager, Frontend Developer), Pușcașu Dorin (Backend Developer),
Tonu Alexandru (Frontend Developer), Anghel Elena (Designer, Marketer)

Levira Special prize

Anonym Zoo is a social platform that allows its users to express themselves freely and absolutely anonymously by creating a safe and friendly environment. You no longer have to internalize the emotions you feel or stay silent about problems that affect you because you're afraid of the potential backlash and the opinion of your friends, join Anonym Zoo and express yourself freely!

Vadim Savin (Full-stack developer), Andrei Zgârvaci (Full-stack developer), Nick Boța, (Designer)

A shoutout goes out to all other teams as well! Thank you to Miniature, CLIMACTIV, VR Updated!

We couldn’t have done this without our world class mentors who were dedicated and helped all the teams prove that 48 hours is enough time to build a working prototype! Thank you Andres Susi (Garage48), Cesar Zeppini (Head of Design @ Pocopay), Niko Porkka (CEO & Founder @ Midealab), Joao Rei (Digital Innovation @ Idea Group), Harri Tallinn (Team Lead of business idea competition, Jordan Valdma (Tech Lead @ Transferwise), Andrei Spinu (Founder @ Dreamups Innovation Campus), Kai Isand (COO @ Garage48) and Peeter Tamla (CTO of New Cloud Innovations @Levira Ltd.)

Thank you to our sponsor Estonian Development Cooperation, our partners Civitta Moldova, Dreamups Innovation Campus, Latitude59, Levira and TrasferWise.

*The event was organized by Garage48 in partnership with friends and partners from Dreamups Innovation Campus and Civitta, with the financial support of Estonian Ministry of Foreign Affairs under the Fund for Development and Humanitarian Aid.

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