Cyber Security: reality or science fiction?

Estonia is one of the most digitally advanced countries in the world. On a daily basis we set up new information systems and digital services, run high scale cyber projects and fight cyber crime. “This means that our real life and digital life is greatly overlapping and therefore comes a need to redefine the essence of cyber security. As of today it is still a mystery for most people,” explains Marily Hendrikson from Startup Estonia. And that's what Garage48 Cyber Security Hackathon 2019 was about - having a venue full of people who believed in the importance of securing our cyber space, creating solutions, building new initiatives and a stronger community.
Almost 100 developers, designers, experts, entrepreneurs and enthusiasts joined us - Garage48, The University of Tartu (Institute of Computer Science) and Startup Estonia for the 48h intensive marathon in order to create new cyber security solutions, for the benefit of humanity. “This is already Garage48's third hackathon focusing on cyber topics,” Calum Cameron, the host and mentor points out. “The ideas and teams have grown stronger and stronger each time because they are connected to real life problems,” he adds. "Really impressed with all the guys and gals!"

17 ideas were pitched on Friday evening, out of which 10 teams were formed. We had two “Powered by Telia” teams trying to find solutions to stop cyber bullying and translating technical security risks and vulnerabilities into understandable business risks. We had our Finnish friends committed to saving the environment by giving used smartphones a second life by turning the phone to security cameras and team of dedicated experts focusing on leading a child through their very first exposure to mobile devices in a safe way. “Given the time, I could easily see that the ideas could be turned into viable products and technologies,” judges Startup Wise Guys mentor Farid Singh.

But the work of the jury was not easy. “Saw some great progress during the week. Founders and teams executed, mentors were hands on and the event produced prototypes, that would sow the seed of entrepreneurship in the region, specifically for Cyber Security,” concludes Farid, mentor and a member of the jury. 

Let us introduce the awarded winners:

WINNER - Alfred
Pipedrive for CSOs. Alfred shows you where you are, where you need to go and what exactly you need to do next to achieve the security program health you deserve.
Prize: Straight pass to Ajujaht TOP 100; Latitude59 tickets; access to SWG online cyber security pre-acceleration program!
Martin Ojala - Idea Owner; Jaana Metsamaa - Product Manager; Maksym Viushkin - Designer; Tanel Kosk - Engineer; Martin Laan - Engineer; Joosep Sisas - Engineer; Liis Kindel - Business; Piia Tammelo - Creative

1st Runner-Up AND favourite of the Audience - SecureMVP
"We help startups to be more security-aware starting from the ideation phase in order to produce the SecureMVP. As a result, we give them a security status report with risks and a to-do list."
Prize: sTARTUp Day tickets and access to SWG online cyber security pre-acceleration program! Also beer from Pühaste and some Estonian design - Ööloom sleeping masks.
Mari Seeba - Visionary; Maria Toomsalu - Visionary; Tarmo Oja - Cyber Security Specialist; Aivo Toots - Engineer; Paul Oskar Soe - Developer; Erik Martin Vetemaa - Designer

2nd Runner-Up - Chatrino
A way to send messages securely and untraceably.
Prize: Access to SWG online cyber security pre-acceleration program; business lunch with F-Secure and some Estonian Design - Reflective Zoo reflectors. 
Saamuel Starke - Product; Ragnar Rebase - Developer; Artur Treiberg - Developer; Mallor Kingsepp - Developer; Jaagup Selli - Developer; Jaanus Tamm - Marketer; Tarmo Aia - Product architect; Georg Roosimägi - Dev ops

Special prize - Digital Happiness (powered by Telia)
Studying class relationships and bullying tendencies before they could turn into a bigger problem. Digital feedback collecting form for students that turns into dashboards for teachers who then can understand current situations in class and take quick next steps.
Prize: Branded T-shirts from Startup Estonia! 
Edrian Griškun - Developer; Elo Võrk - Telia, Problem insight, Marketing; Martin Laan - Developer; Ingrid Laurikainen - Developer; Karl Kuus - Developer; Kateryna Mischenko - Team lead, Law; Peeter Virk - Developer; Raul Kolk - Vision; Richard Aljaste - Developer; Sepo Sedrik -Developer; Vladimir Katsko - Developer

“A fantastic weekend, a great opportunity for startups and wannabe startups to validate their idea really fast, get quick wins and move up to the next stage,” says Farid Singh from Startup Wise Guys. After the 48h marathon, the winners were naturally tired but also excited about the future. “We were not expecting all of this,” Jaana Metsamaa, the product manager of Alfred sighs happily. “Me and Martin were talking about this idea for a few months, but nothing happened. But then we joined the hackathon and now, by the end of Sunday, we have a solid plan and a working prototype. So if you want to kick-start your idea and work together with great people then this is the place to be,” she concludes.

It is not only the participants who advise other entrepreneurs or startup-minded people to take part in such journeys - it is the partners too: “Hackathons like this promote local entrepreneurship, raise awareness about cybersecurity issues, bring students and professionals together and foster sustainable innovation. All in one. The University of Tartu Institute of Computer Science considers cyber security to be one of its priorities and hopes to make cyber security hackathons an annual event,” says Madis Raaper, Cyber Security Coordinator @ the University of Tartu. 

Garage48, Startup Estonia and University of Tartu (Institute of Computer Science) would like to thank everybody who joined us for this 48h road. It might sound as a cliche - but you all are winners! 

Thank you all the mentors, who were helping the teams hands-on! Huge round of applause to our core mentors Calum Cameron, Martin Verrev, Helen Kokk from Nortal, Romet Tagobert and Maido Parv; Cyber Security experts David Chan from Cylon, Farid Singh from SWG, Peeter Marvet from, Margus Ernits from RangeForce and first time (badass) mentors Madis Lehtmets from Remato and Josh Gold - “the man from Canada”!

And from Garage48 team - thank you University of Tartu (Institute of Computer Science) and Startup Estonia for making it possible for us to focus on this sometimes difficult, yet always challenging cyber security issues!

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