Arts and technology was brought to the same room in Yerevan

We are always very happy to add new countries to our list and this time together with help from the Estonian Development Cooperation it's Armenia! The hackathon bringing together arts, culture and technology is organised together with EIVA Arts Foundation and takes place at the wonderful ISTC Innovative Solutions & Technologies Center.  Around 40 people with different skills and competences varying from  art history and colour-studies to technical and graphic design gathered on a Friday night in Yerevan : 14 ideas were pitched and 6 teams formed to present their prototypes on Sunday.
Here the ideas that found themselves a team : 

1.Cyber Mantis Studio
Our product is a digital comic that creates and rethinks culture. We're incorporating elements of the Armenian epic with a futuristic cyberpunk setting, hoping to tell a touching story about the past, the present and the future.This story will be endearing both to Armenian people and to people of any ethnicity and background. Our project will make you feel, see and hear everything the main character will be going through.

2.RGBic Rescue
We have created an entertaining product (mobile game) “RGB Rescue”. That’s our chameleons story. His name is “RGBic”, and he’s trying to not be coughs by evil eagle. The game has simple mechanics. You need to help RGBic to get the environments colour by adding or reducing red, green and blue colors (RGB system). The gaming process has its side effect to teach users the basics of color theory. During the playing process, player automatically gets involved in choosing the right color with mixing 3 main ones and st working with colors.

An online market place for young artists to rent their work to businesses

4.Unicorn Armenia
We want to create one unique chatbot system about Armenian history, culture, monuments. And we hope that our chatbot system will contribute to the development of tourism in our country. It will make easier for tourists to discover Armenia and get necessary information in few seconds. We are going to keep connection with our users and send them an attachment to get their feedback on customer service.

5.AR tool for learning music
Augmented Reality game with scanned notes for learning to play music

6. Cooking app for national food
An interactive app to learn how to cook like your granny would

Here are the rest of the ideas that didn't find a team but were still very inspiring:

8.Arts and Education Quiz mobile app

Quiz based mobile app to learn about arts and culture, earn points and win prizes

9.Sun tracker

App that will track the sun, rain, thunderstorm and rainbow and sends an alarm when either of these appear

10.Mobile app to learn about famous art

Interactive learning tool for children

11.Armenian calligraphy app

An app where letters from old Armenian manuscripts are turned into colors and numbers.


Vlog channel on Youtube for introducing the cultural life in Armenia

13.New super hero - Nightmen (pithced by 8Y Siirius)

A story about a new superhero who can move things with light that coming out of his hands.

14.Artist platform

Amazon for intellectual property

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